quation Spike is an H-Bridge relay module custom

Can I use the Spike is an H-Bridge relay module custom designed for Robotics applications as a realay if I use a jumper

Not sure what you are asking. The Spike already is an H-Bridge. What are you trying to do, and how is it different from what you can already do with a Spike?

I wont to use it for testing some prototype with 2 CIM moter

Careful there. Spikes are not rated to handle CIM motors, let alone 2.

Use a speed controller.

Here’s how to make a speed controller behave like a relay*, which I won’t suggest for CIM motors**, but if you insist:

*Interestingly, a speed controller is an H-bridge relay at it’s core, just one that pulses faster than a normal H-bridge relay ever could (safely ;)).

**Don’t test at full power. Use a joystick/variable rate to start slow and work your way up.