Quesion setting WPA encryption

There is a strict rule against any wi-fi transmitter except on the playing field. (How are they going to keep spectators from using their iPhones?)

They also want you to set the WPA encryption code in your game adapter. When I turn on my game adapter in the pits to set the WPA encryption code won’t it start transmitting looking for wireless networks?

Personally I think trying to enforce non WiFi rules is pointless, so yes people will have laptops , phones , stadium networks, networks from nearby buildings, etc., I believe the intent of the rule to limit interference as much as possible by limiting the numerous team run networks which are in the pits every year.

As for the WPA configuration time, any transmissions you generate will be negligible compared to those of a network being actively used to transmit data.

It might, but at worst it’s going to be hunting for the router you originally configured it to associate with. I’m not incredibly well versed in how exactly the game adapter works, but it’s possible it just waits for a beacon frame from the router before it starts associating. At worst, it’s going to send out probe frames to try to discover the router. You could have every robot in the regional doing this and it wouldn’t make a noticeable dent in the 802.11n bandwidth.

The real problem would be teams running their routers and robots at the same time. Then you have a constant, fairly high rate datastream going. With extra routers all over the place for robots to possibly mistakenly associate with. And etc., etc.

EDIT: Again, a WiFi station/adapter/etc. isn’t going to generate much traffic or interference, until it is associated with a network and actively doing something. So restrictions on actual wifi devices are mostly an abundance of caution. It’s the restrictions on connecting to wireless networks and such that are going to be important.

I really dont know why they are baning 2.4gHz bands . . the field should be running on 5. I just dont see any sort of interference issues from these.( if 2.4 is too close than why is 2.1, cell phones. not to close?).

Per Update 13:

Wireless communication clarification:

Regarding the wireless communication prohibition in Team Update 12, we’d like to clarify that general cell phone use is permitted. However, Wi-Fi use in the 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands is prohibited.

3G used by iPhone, etc. is <2.2GHz, but don’t expect to use their Wi-Fi capabilities.
Though it may negatively impact some scouting plans, I agree with FIRST’s decision to ensure that Wi-Fi is not an issue in the first season of the new control system; that’s one hard-to-quantify variable that we don’t need to deal with!

I didn’t say that it would interfere during the encryption process. I said that it might be against the rules. Don’t be surprised if we have to unplug our game adapter power while in the pits.

The game adapter may search for networks, but the FMS won’t connect to it unless its IP and WPA are valid for a team in the current match. As far as I’ve been told, we won’t be concerned with the game adapters in the pits. We will not allow any routers to be powered up, however. Teams should leave their routers at home.