Questio about the IR decorder board

Hey guys, quick question about the decoder board. The black connector on the board is obviously for the rainbow cable, (labeled J1 on the board), but what is the white connector (labeled J2 on the board) for?

Any help appreciated.

In the two other threads regarding the IR sensor, people have been speculating on the function of that connector. The general consensus (from what I can tell) is that it is an in-circuit programming connector–to upload code onto the onboard processor. However, it’s likely this isn’t useful in the slightest bit to us, and it may not be legal to alter the code in this part.


This is the only topic of it’s kind in the control system board, as far as I can tell.

Don’t you think your being a bit harsh? Not everyone is going to sift through the numerous pages of numerous threads on varying boards (there are more than two threads about it on CD, on at least three different boards). It’s much simpler for him to simply start a new topic. What harm did he do anyways?

In any case, as he said, we do not yet know what it does. It’s possibly nothing, so for know, just ignore it and use the black pin connector/ribbon cable.

That is what the search feature is for. By searching using the terms “IR”, “board”, and “white” and setting the search to give results in posts instead of threads, I found, on the first page of hits, two that directly address this question (not including the hit that this thread generates). Searching is a wonderful thing.

I’d like to welcome the newbies that have posted in this thread. It’s quite a year already! Whew, what a clue!

As to how many threads are started, etc., I agree, there are a couple of threads started regarding the clue. I also remember this happening last year. It’s part of the thrill and the excitement.

Couple of thoughts -
It is good to try and do a search regarding the topic you are interested in.
Starting a new thread because you don’t want to read all the posts is probably not a good reason to start one.
Veteran posters can be patient and helpful and provide links to topics that pertain to a new member’s questions.
Another good thing to try to remember is to be careful with dishing out the red reps during the hint season and beginning of build season with new teams and new team members learning their way around ChiefDelphi.


I apologize–I came across as being harsh. I was merely stating fact and forgot to re-read before I hit “post”…written words were never meant to carry tone.

That just brings up this point: Please remember to take your interpretation of the tone of a post with a grain of salt–try your hardest not to offend anyone, and try not to be offended, because that’s what starts flame wars. By responding in an offended tone, you offend someone else, who responds in an offended tone, who offends someone else…please keep that in mind.

OK, getting off my soapbox now…

Thanks for the help everyone, and sorry about not searching, I was at our team’s meeting, there was a bit of excitement (obviously), and I guess it slipped my mind.

Once again, thanks for the help!