question about actuators

are linear actuators legal in the competition. they are not solenoid actuators so they are not forbidden

The 2009 rules may be different, but based on past rules, it would not be allowed if driven by a motor that is not included in the kit of parts. If you found a way to adapt a kit of parts motor to the mechanical portion of the linear actuator, then it would be legal.

It is a motor and not in the kit (at least in previous years) so I would think it is not legal.



So why are soleniods not allowed, but electromagnets are? Aren’t they basically the same thing?

I believe teams 272 and 188 both passed inspection with electromagnets.

Vagrities in the rules. Solonoids (not solonoid valves) were specifically marked in the rules and not allowed.

Electromagnets are not specifically solonoids, just like adhesive backed non-skid is not tape :wink:

linear actuators have been legal so long as they do not have a non-FIRST motor attached to them (and follow all other FIRST rules as well).

All of this, of course, could change when the new rules come out at kickoff.

i know we ar getting different equipment and the games is also, but will the rules change that drastically

You never know. Every year, the rules are subject to change for the next year, which means that a) they could be completely different, b) there is no change (never happens…), c) there is some relatively minor change, or d) there are lots of changes of varying degrees of effect.

You never know. However:

The reason for the motor limits is so that teams have roughly the same amount of available power. If you add a motor to the KOP, you add power. So either it has to be available to all teams (specifically allowed by the rules) or it has to be in the KOP. Same for pneumatics–you have a given set of cylinders that you can have any number of, but there is still only one compressor.

I don’t think this particular rule will change much.