Question about Bag and Tag

Oregon is being weird like always with its weather. Currently, it is snowing, and there is a risk that our school would close the rest of activities, so we won’t be able to bag and tag.

What should we do if such a case happen?

You should email [email protected] to tell them of your situation and see what they advise.

Get the robot in a bag as soon as you have access to it (even if it’s during the school day). If you still have time to work on it later, you can unbag it and just pretend you never bagged.

Narrowly averted a similar WI issue but tonight looks OK. We did have a contingency plan for a couple of kids to bag it if school cancelled again today, but we are an Off School Build team so had fewer access issues…

T. Wolter

Don’t take unnecessary risks to put the robot in the bag today. Email frcteams today letting them know you can’t bag due to lack of access, and follow their instructions.

They deal with this sort of situation every year.

2410 was unable to get to our school district build facility today to finish some things up and bag. They instructed us to bag as soon as we have access to the robot. Unfortunately, we were given a late bag, not extra time to work on the robot.