Question about bumpers mounting

My team would like to know if it’s legal to use a bracket mounted in the top like this (a smaller one)

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Don’t have the rules in front of me but believe hard bumper parts cannot extend more than 1" from frame. Cut it down and and should be ok. Can’t recall if it should be covered.

You could as long as the bracket doesn’t extend past the plywood (see R24-G), but you really don’t want to. Plywood isn’t very strong when you mount from the edge (top in this case). You need a technique that bolts through the board (right to left in this case) to attach your brackets.

Read R24… R24.B. hard BUMPER parts allowed per R24-A, -E, -F, and -G must not extend more than 1 in. (~25 mm) beyond the FRAME PERIMETER (measured as shown in Figure 9-4).

However you do not want to do that as it likely will not satisfy R24.G requirement of “must attach to the FRAME PERIMETER of the ROBOT with a rigid fastening system to form a tight, robust connection to the main structure/frame”.

Consider that you will have to take them one and off, have to be able to remove them reasonably quickly and they will take high speed impacts form 150 lb robots. You want to have something that ideally bolts through the plywood, that then is attached somehow to the frame. Wood screws into the “end grain” of the plywood will not stand up to an event.

Also I hope those are “show” bumpers as competition bumpers must be solid red or blue.

Agreeing with all except the requirement to be covered with fabric. It looks too far out for R24B, and is not the most robust way to interface with the wooden part of the bumper, especially if it is plywood.

Covering by fabric is R24D, which only calls out covering wood and pool noodle. Figure 9-6 at R24G also depicts similarly exposed angle.

The last comment was regarding the picture with what looked like a team number on it, showing yellow fabric. As GeeTwo mentioned the bumper attachment system, does not need to be covered.

One question tho,

What the heck did you do to the poor 80-20 bar in the corner of your picture?


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