Question about Cameras on robot -- can we use two computers during the competition?

On the day of the competition, we will need the computer that has the Driver’s Station installed, connected onto the robot’s network. Nonetheless, My team has used a raspberry Pi and a router, in conjunction with three cameras, for the “sand-storm” portion of the race. The problem is, in order to see the camera’s stream using the FrcVision landing page, the computer needs to be connected onto the router’s network – meaning it won’t be connected to the robot’s network (but we need to obviously also be connected to the robot’s network in order to control it). So, can we have two separate computers (one connected to our router, and the other to our robot’s network) on the day of the competition?

If I’m understanding correctly, you are currently using two separate radios on your robot – one, connected to the RoboRIO, for control, and the other for camera feed. This is forbidden by R65.

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The right way to do this is to put an Ethernet switch on the robot. There are some nice small/lightweight ones that can be used. See Small networking switch needed for eboard?

Thank you for your response! We have an ethernet switch – but how would an ethernet switch help address the need to connect to the robot’s radio and the router simultaneosly? (We’re new at this)

You don’t actually need a router– routers connect two different networks (see e.g. The idea is that your RoboRIO, Raspberry Pi, and robot radio are all connected to the switch, forming a network. Your driver station computer then is connected to the same network via the robot radio. (The details of how this happens are different for home use vs. comp – AP mode or bridge mode – but either way, the driver station computer should be able to communicate with both the RoboRIO and the Pi.)


I’ll add to @CarlosGJ’s response in that in the competition pit your DS (and any other PCs, like a programming laptop) will need to tether to the same network by plugging into the Ethernet switch on the robot (or an off-robot Ethernet switch connected to it). Wireless is not allowed in the pits at competition.

If I understand correctly that your vision raspberry pi is plugged into your robot radio, you will be able to connect to it (and the rest of the devices on the robot) through the field network (provided you use the allowed ports and do not exceed the 4mbps limit).

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