Question about CanTalonSRX.h

Our robot uses TalonSRX’s in a CAN configuration. We want to add these objects to RobotDrive. However, RobotDrive only accepts SpeedController objects and channel numbers as uint32_t. CanTalonSRX does not extend from SpeedController so it’s impossible for us to use CAN TalonSRX’s for our DriveTrain because we can’t program it. I was wondering why this is the case and how to pass CanTalonSRX objects into RobotDrive.

Use the CANTalon class, it implements CANSpeedController.
Please read section 3.4 in the Talon SRX Software Reference Manual.

CANTalonSRX is a low level class. CANTalon is what you’re looking for. It extends CANSpeedController which extends SpeedController.