Question about changing events in VIMS

Is it possible to withdraw an application in VIMS for one event and apply for another?

You can up to the payment deadline that has past. At least according to the published policy.

VIMS is for volunteers. Not for teams. Volunteers don’t pay to go the events (at least not to be there. Hotel and travel are a different matter altogether).

Ed, The Chesapeake is 64 team - Week 2 event and I know the Volunteer Coordinator has been hard at work here with a large spreadsheet. I think it is physically possible to update the VIMS, but depending on which weeks you are looking at, you probably want to have a conversation with the volunteer coordinator. Especially if you are withdrawing from an event where you have already been assigned.

The VC has one of the most challenging jobs out there.

The event I am looking to withdraw from is the only event I have yet to hear from (and I have already been given my assignment at the championships so I’m getting antsy). Plus there’s another event that has been clamoring for my services for me to be their lead que and it’s in driving distance for me to get to while this other event is on the other side of the country.

I deleted and added an event about 4 days ago.

Did it work?

Seemed to. I got the email replies.

Sounds like a plan.

The switch has been made.

See you in St. Louis Ed, hope you remember me, we worked the same field last year.

You won’t be at MSC, Tom?

Thanks for switching Ed - Look forward to seeing you in Cincy. I’ll have to buy you some Skyline Chili while you’re here.