Question about chassis size

Just a very quick question that might seem a little bit obvious. But can the chassis be any size withing the allowed robot dimensions? Or does it have to be of a specific size?

It can be any size given it satisfies the size constraints at all times during operation with bumpers on. Note that it still constitutes the FRAME PERIMETER.

The chassis has to be smaller than the maximum robot dimensions, because the bumpers have to fit between the chassis and the dimension.

If your robot is less than 24 inches tall, it can only be 36 by 40 inches WITH THE BUMPERS ON. So the chassis has to be 29 by 31 inches or less.

Do you understand now?

maximum robot dimensions are governed by the complete robot this year.
this includes the BUMPERS… not like other years…

Therefore your chassis with Bumpers has to be smaller than the maximum size allowed in the rules (see above for that size, it depends on how tall you want your robot to be.


You can always make it smaller… if that is what you were asking.
All of the parts of the robot MUST fit into your robot perimeter at the start of the game. Note the robot perimeter is NOT the max size of the robot. The robot perimeter is the size of your robot without the bumpers.

buena suerte!

29 X 33 not 31… 40-7ish for a safety factor is 33 not 31…

We can dump in the high boiler
Just a little outside the envelope, don’t think the refs will notice . . .:eek: