Question about CMP divisions

Does anyone have an estimation for when Championship divisions will be set? I will be attending this year as a spectator, and couldn’t remember when they were set last year.

The best guess is sometime mid to late this week. I suggest you visit this threadto learn more.


Is thisthe final team list for champs? It seems small, so I am guessing the districts haven’t been finalized yet. Does anyone know when the final team list will come out?

That list is still missing the teams from the districts that just finished yesterday, and any further wait list teams. The district teams should be added tomorrow, but the list won’t be finalized until all those teams pay by their deadline which I think is Tuesday night.

Okay, thanks!

Well, it looks like the district teams were just added. (to this list at least)

It’s interesting how fast that information appeared when my team signed up just this morning. It appears to look like the real list.

Edit: Or is the list of all qualified teams to go to championship?

Barring any extreme situations, it looks like there are 17 wait list spots left to hand out.

Plus how many extra they do over 600. Like they did last year (if they do).

I think the issue last year was they sent out more invites for wait list teams than they had spots expecting some teams to decline and they were wrong. It would be like if they sent out 20-25 invites tomorrow to try to fill the 17 available spots.

This is done because not all teams can scrounge together $5,000 in two days. I do not believe they intended to have more than 600 teams in attendance.

If you look at the schedule, there’s 16 hours of quals scheduled. I’m told the target cycle time is 7.5 minutes. That makes 128 matches, for 10.24 matches per team for 75 teams, or 10.1 matches per team for 76 teams. 75 teams would play 125 matches, 76 teams would play 127 matches with a few surrogates.

So they theoretically have room for 8 more teams, if they want to cut 21 minutes of slack time down to just 7.

It is a game of balance but they wanted to make absolutely sure they hit 600 teams.

In scorekeeper training it was stated that the FMS could only generate schedules with cycle time of whole minutes, I expect they will use 7 minutes for the cycle time. Also, don’t forget that the audience selection adds three minutes to the schedule.

The nice thing about 75 teams playing 10 matches is that it does not require surrogates. 76 teams playing 10 matches requires two surrogates.

Whatever the FMS can do doesn’t necessarily enter into how you’re planning a competition with 120 matches. 7 minute cycles gives you 137 matches. Temptingly close to 11 matches per team. If you know 7.5 minutes is more realistic, then you’ll schedule for 10 matches per team and fudge the match time windows on FMS to make 7 minute cycles still break/start at correct times. On the other hand, 8 minute cycles only makes 120 matches, so you have to cut off at 9 matches per team with an over hour of dead time if you’re actually averaging 7.5 minutes.

So unless experience dictates that cycle times are closer to 8 minutes, they’re going to schedule 10 matches per team and do whatever they have to to FMS to make it work.

Not as of 5:00 EST Sunday. We are not on the list and qualified on Sat. I also have not received the qualification email. The ranking web page said not to call First until Monday afternoon so I guess they are still processing them.