Question about Curie Finals

Does anyone know what the field error was in the 2nd match of the finals? It cost the runner-up alliance a win and the keeper that was counted that shouldn’t have been in the third match may have cost them the gold.

If I am not mistaken, the field error in match 2 of the finals was because 1732 accidentally deployed one of their ramps while playing defense against 330.

(I think that’s right. If I’m wrong, please let me know.)

That would not qualify as a field error. A field error would be something like: one of the target lights wasn’t operational, or if the MC left something on the field. The error is one that is not the fault of any of the teams.

The coach of team 330 said that it was due to not counting some tubes for the score and it was too late to recount as they had already been removed.

He said this hurriedly as they headed off to prepare for einstein so some of it may have been lost in translation.

Thanks… I would like to see FIRST have a challenge system like the NFL. If a lone ref throws a penalty, the coach can challenge it to see if it was actually called correctly.

I was the one who announce the “field error” and I was just saying verbatim what the head ref told me to. I don’t know the full story, but from what I gathered the blue alliance said that they had more ringers on the rack then what was accounted for. They were going to write it off since there was no actual proof, but apparently one of the refs said that he didn’t think the score was right either. They thought the PDA’s were malfunctioning that match and not communicating correctly. So they decided to replay the match, and each subsequent match was scored manually using paper and pencil to back up the PDA’s.

I’m just the messenger here, and that’s what I gathered from the bits and pieces I was told.

Oh, thanks. That’s been on my mind since it happened.

Why didn’t they just review the video? At GLR the head ref reviewed the video of the match after everyone was shocked by the score and Paul Copiloi immediately said it was wrong. After reviewing the video, they promptly changed the score, which caused the other alliance to win (as we had thought they did).

This was something that was brought up in both the semi finals match that 469 and 1114, played 67 and 48, they wanted to review the tape to make the correct decision, but since here is no Instant replay in FIRST, well thats just it there is no instant replay in FIRST, its in the manual, i believe

My teammates on the field told me that the blue alliance thought/did score additional tubes than they were given credit for. Apparently, one ref had 1 ringer scored on the lower level and another ref had 2 ringers scored. There was no way to determine what was the correct ruling.

When I reviewed the webcast, the best you can tell is that the blue alliance only had 1 ringer on the lower level before they decided to attempt lifting for the bonus points.

1 or 2 ringer, either way it would not have effected the outcome of the match so I have no idea why it was replayed.

Majority of the time, if a score has been announced and the change does not effect the outcome the match stands.

I don’t think the red alliance had a chance to protest the call either way.

Either way the alliance of 330, 1270, and 910 beat the red alliance twice, and moved on to the Einstien. Would strategy of changed if it were 1-1, we will never know.

Congrats to 330 for an amazing robot, 1270 was very good also, and 910 I watched them the entire season and they improved every time I saw them.

Also, congrats to Team 67 – we did not have the season we imagined…but we were still very successful in my mind.

Yes, that is what the head ref told me and a few others on the red alliance. She said that the problem occured in transferring the PDA’s information to the screen to total the score. Since the PDAs don’t save thier information and a video reply is not allowed, there was nothing the red alliance could really do.

Although the one ringer would not have effected the score, as the head ref said, there may have been more scoring errors in transfering the data.

It is a little disheartening to hear that the next matches were scored with paper. As the head ref said, this same thing happened during Thursday’s qualification matches, so they knew there was a possibility to have errors. Hopefully this is something that is fixed before next year.

Anyway, congrats to 330, 910 and 1270. After hearing that the match wouldn’t be counted, we knew we were in trouble. Beating an alliance that great three times in a row is very difficult.

Thanks again to 67 and 48; both of you were amazing partners.

I dont remember them reviewing a video at GLR, i do remember them calling the wrong scores out and fixing it afterwards though

Thanks again to 67 and 48; both of you were amazing partners.

Thank you 1732 for picking us. 48, I am just glad we were playing with you and not against you. You would have been very efficient trying to shut us down.

should have been done from Match 1.

They showed the score, then took it back down after it was questioned. From my angle (behind the IFI table and scoring people), it looked as if they were rewatching the video of the match to recount the ringers.

The refs weren’t watching the video, they were looking at the display on the scoring computer to see if they could see where the discrepancy was. Members from both alliances came up and offered video/photo proof to support their claim, but the refs wouldn’t look at it since the rules say they can’t.

So that’s what they were looking at.

I don’t think any video review was involved. Instead the ref crew was aware that there was a scoring error somewhere, and it was corrected. As I recall, the score that was reported was so far off that everyone knew it couldn’t be right - anyone watching knew the score had to have been close, not the wide margin that was reported - and the correct score was recomputed. For the next several matches the scores were computed by hand to check the screen, but no further errors were found.

The original score posted was:
-------Red Alliance-----Blue Alliance
Score: 72--------------20
Bonus: 30--------------60
Penalty: 0---------------0
Final: 102--------------80

When you watch the video on soap, the video shows that this score was correct.

So the Red Alliance should have gotten the match to count towards them? Does anyone know if the Keeper that was scored in the final Finals match, that shouldn’t have been scored, would have changed the outcome of the match if the ref had called it how it should have been? It wasn’t resting on the spider arm at the end of autonomous, only when the arm fell slightly afterwards and it was in their gripper. I know that isn’t considered a score. That’s how we lost one of our matches. She counted a spoiler that shouldn’t have been counted.