Question about drill transmission specs

Hi, I was wondering what the inside diameter of the gear that imnderfaces with the pins that holds the planetary gears and the dimensions of the keyway. Thanks

I have no idea what you are talking about!

which drill, which planets, which keyway… …help me out here?

Joe J.

I was asking for info on the bosch drill transmissions provided in the 2004 kop. In the transmission, the pinion gear interacts with 5 14t planetary gears. A gear above it, that has pins that these planetary gears spin on has a hole in it that is keyed. I wanted to know the diameter of this hole, since it is a circular keyway, what the specs are on the keyway, if that is possible. Again, thanks for your help.

I’m betting some nice calipers would do the trick. Do you have any? If so, just measure it.

it’s not so much the diameter. The problem is that I also need to know the specs on that key way and haven’t a clue about how to find that out because it’s a circular keyway (I did use calpers and my reading was 6 mm for the diameter, but it didn’t seem real solid on 6 so I was questioning it)