Question about elevator

Hi everybody, we’re planning on making a 3 stage continuous elevator from 80/20 and I was just wondering what types of cables and ropes have you guys used on stuff like this, and what types of pulleys? I was looking at using this ( ) for the cord and these ( ) along with some angle brackets for the pulleys, but I just wanted some input from you guys cuz we’re still pretty inexperienced. Thanks for the help guys!

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Both of those work fine. We used the rev pulley bearings last year for our 2x1 cascade elevator and they were great. May be a little overkill though. We replaced our pulley bearings with smooth fixed rollers that we 3D printed on a Form 2 to get them as smooth as possible. They were just as good. That UHMWPE cord is good too. We are going to use .25” dymeema rope this year because last year we had some issues with knots slipping when we used small diameter cord.