Question about extensions

So on our robot we have gripper claws that extend approx. 18 inches and we were wondering if we are sitting still, but another robot hits our extension, is it a foul towards us, or them?

Unless they run afoul of the rule on causing intentional damage is this totally legal.

Depends a lot on the context.

Look at G27 and G28, and potentially G14.

Depends. If they intentionally try to damage your robot, it’s a foul on them, but keep in mind, with your claws sticking out, that’s your choice, and if someone runs into it by accident (very likely), there is no foul. But, if you intentionally try to damage others robots with your claws, it’s on you. Unless someone is really trying to damage another’s robot, there is no foul if they hit your intake while playing defense on you (by accident).


Deliberate or damaging contact with an opponent ROBOT on or inside its FRAME PERIMETER is not allowed.


High speed accidental collisions may occur during the MATCH and are expected. ROBOTS extend elements outside of the FRAME PERIMETER at their own risk; no penalties will be assigned for contact between two such extended elements.

A ROBOT with an element outside its FRAME PERIMETER may be penalized under this rule if it appears they are using that element to purposefully contact another ROBOT inside its FRAME PERIMETER. Regardless of intent, a ROBOT with an element outside its FRAME PERIMETER that causes damage to another ROBOT inside of its FRAME PERIMETER will be penalized.