Question about FedEx

We received an invitation from FIRST to register at FedEx… we did…
Now we go to, in order to “Prepare a shipment online.”

We don’t yet know some of the information they ask(Weight, Shipment will be ready, etc.), according to the email the invitation will expire in 5 days… Is filling out this info Included in the 5 day expiration?

If not, when is the deadline to fill this information out? (or how many days notice does FedEx need?)

Thank you for our help in advance!

You only need to register at this time. Preparing a shipment online can wait.

Today I received an e-mail from FRCteams with the shipment instructions. It says not to prepare the airbill until the 19th.

As a best quess you can use 400 lbs for the weight and 48" x 48" x 70". These are maximum allowed dimensions and maximum weight before additional charges.