Question about fisher price rules for 2009

Hey all, i was wondering if is it allowed to use more than 1 Fisher-Price motor on your robot, as i heard from a ex-member in our team, last year we were allowed only 1 fisher-price motor, while i searched for the rule in the Robot PDF i couldnt find it, anyone shed light on it???

Thanks in advance,
Steampunk 1577

He’s completely wrong. In no season (at least since 1999, and probably ever) has one been the limit for Fisher-Price motors. You’re allowed to use up to two Fisher-Price 00968-9015 motors this year. Two are provided in the kit.

Also, you did the right thing by fact-checking his statement using the manual.

Right, thanks alot! this realy helped us!
Thanks again,
Steampunk 1577