Question About Ford Field's Bag Policy

Opening ceremonies, Einstein matches and closing ceremonies will be held at Ford Field. It’s an NFL stadium so does anyone know if the NFL’s bag policy will be enforced for these “events”?

Edit: Found the official bag policy for FIRST events at Ford Field if anyone else is curious:

I believe so, But I’m not sure. They have to keep all security policies for this or it invalidates the entire security perimeter and then they have to sweep every atom of that building for weapons.

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We are directing all of our students to leave their bags on buses before any of the Ford Field festivities.


I have been before. They were enforcing the rule (advertising what to bring and what not to bring at Round Robin Einsteins) and my mother was freaking out as no bags of any kind were allowed. My sister has a life threatening nut allergy which she carries her EpiPens in a fanny pack so my mother called. It was more to speed up the process that only clear bags were allowed in. You should be fine, as I was 1 year ago (2018), but I recommend to call the venue directly and inquire with someone who “runs” the security for the FIRST event.

Last year the security was very quick and efficient, I brought my backpack and was with a group that all had backpacks, we had to open all the compartments but were let through very quickly. However, if it’s something you don’t need, I would avoid bringing stuff just so you have to lug it around.

AFAIK no one was turned away for having a bag.

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Found the official bag policy for those curious.

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Guess we’ll be playing a hatch-only game for finals. :slight_smile:


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