Question about Gas Springs on SPI (CD, u guys used this stuff!)

Hey guys–

I was wondering if any of you fellas have used the gas springs from SPI. We order 2 and the darn things are locked into its extended position. We’ve tried everything to push them down but they seemed to be jammed (both of them). Unless there’s a trick to making them move down, I think they’re duds.

Any advice? Should I return them to spi with a smelly sock?


Take the gas springs off of your car’s trunk (or someone else’s car, in case you can’t figure out how to put them back on ;))

I know when I replaced them on my car, I couldn’t compress them by hand, but when I had the mechanical advantage of the big trunk, they closed easily.

Well, we tried hammering it, that didnt work. Then again why would it considering it needs a constant force. hmm.

Then a 120lb kid tried pushing down on it with all his weight, that didnt work either.

But if you can really tell me that darn thing will go down with enough force, I’ll try it again, otherwise it’s back to SPI with a smelly sock.



they are stubborn

just push hard at first…they tend to get a lil stuck until u break them in

just PUSH!!!

Doesn’t the data sheet/catalog page indicate the force required to compress them :confused:

It should take around 60 lbs. I’ve used these things almost every year (GREAT source of cheap power).