Question about Inspection

This is a pic of our robot.

My concern is that the back sprocket and chain that lift the arm are too exposed and they might make us cover it. Any thoughts?

There are several considerations regarding your question…

Any exposed pinch or shear point needs to be evaluated for safety of the staff on the field, other robots and very important the persons transporting the robot and working on it in the pit.

A sharp or mis-shaped surface may warrant a guard or cover. The main question is “will this potentially cause physical harm”.

note: To teams with stored energy systems… is your system safe against accidental release, and if it releases what is the result? Flying robot parts at the staff or audience is a bad thing. Think about the worse case and plan for it.

I suspect you will be fine, however a relatively simple cover could be made fairly easily.

I have seen much worse pass inspection. You should be fine.

it doesn’t look like either stick that far out… but then again I’m looking at a picture.

I think you’ll be fine but worst case you can tyrap a piece of cardboard as a cover as a quick fix.

I’d be more concerned about those numbers and the drivetrain. The back sprocket should be fine (and if it isn’t, it’s an easy fix as noted), but the numbers in your frame look too small for regulation (I’m pretty sure that isn’t 4" tubing). Another easy fix, but something to think about. It won’t be too hard to fix the drive covering, either.

EricH you are right. those numbers are just for show and the #'s are actually on our bumpers. For the cover, would expanded aluminum be better or a sheet of lexan bent to form the shape, thanks

Either would work, but expanded aluminum could pose an entanglement risk (and bends really easily–see 330’s ramps after L.A. last year). I’d go with Lexan, or if it’s a low impact application, corrugated plastic.

It is hard to evaluate from this picture, your inspector will be able to give a better idea of the problem if it exists and how to address it. It looks like you might be near max weight at the moment. I do see a lot of tubing and wiring that is just hanging out that I would recommend to tywrap in place. I wouldn’t want another robot to come along and rip it out leaving you undrivable or disabled.

Good call Al

One of the things I love about the inspectors is thy always see things that you don’t see.

You have been with your robot and design for so long that you always miss things. The inspectors are veterans of competitions that can look at you robot with a fresh eye and help you improve.

Remember folks, your inspectors are there to make your experience a safe and reliable as possible. They are your best friends not you enemies.