Question about installing and mounting an Encoder

After a long search, I’m still left with some questions. We are attempting to use encoder for motor controlled arm. We’ve done previous test on a vex pro gearbox with an encoder. Our arm uses a Cimple Box and I understand that the same encoder can be used. We have removed the encoders from the vex pro and will reuse them on the Cimple Box. My questions are can we place the used encoder on the cimple box and do we need an additional mount?

The CIMple Box has a 1/4" shaft and mounting holes for a US Digital E4P encoder. No other mounting hardware is necessary.

Reusing an E4P encoder is possible, but you need to have taken good care of the plastic encoder disk. Scratches on the pattern surface can ruin its ability to give good readings.

Do you have a spacer tool to help you mount the encoder disk at the proper height from the circuit board? If it’s too far away from the sensor, you will get unreliable results. If it’s too close, the mounting screws will rub on the disk and scratch the surface.

Thank you, Alan. We’ll try that out.