Question about Kickoff.

What was Dean Kamen talking about during kickoff video when he said that there will be no fix-it window during competition and something about 45 pounds, we cannot find any mention of this in the manual. Could someone please enlighten us? :o


The idea of the fix-it window has been removed entirely; thus, you will find no mention of it in the 2009 FRC manual. Make sure to read over the “Fabrication Schedule” section of the manual (8.3.4) to understand all the relevant rules. The 45 lbs you are referring to (I believe it’s 40, actually) is the “Withholding Allowance”. This is addressed in Rule R36 in Section 8.

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it doesn’t technicaly exisit so just pretend dean didn’t say it and you knew nothing about it thats what i’m doing if