Question about Legality of Nitra Regulator

We have a question about whether this pressure regulator from Automation Direct is legal. We are planning to use it downstream of the primary pressure regulator from the KOP. From the spec sheet here it has an output pressure of 4-57 psi, a maximum pressure of 70 psi and a “proof pressure” of 215 psi. The rules say that “All pneumatic items must be COTS pneumatic devices rated by their manufacturers for burst or maximum pressure of at least 125psi.” Is proof pressure synonymous to burst pressure in this case? Thanks!

Proof pressure is the max pressure that the regulator will work at, whereas burst pressure is when the piece is physically unsafe. If your regulator has a proof pressure above 125, the burst pressure is more than that. Don’t pump in more than the proof pressure because you can risk damaging the component.

tl;dr; it should be fine, proof is for working, burst is for exploding.

Hope this helped!

Thanks. That’s what I thought; just wanted to be sure.

Proof pressure is the maximum pressure that you can submit a device to and have it still work. No guarantees that it will function at proof pressure. That is what working pressure is for. A good example is a pressure gauge. Say is has a working range of 0-100 PSI and proof pressure of 200 PSI. At over a under 100 PSI the only thing it tells you that you have more than 100 PSI. Up to 200 PSI it will continue to work once the pressure is less than 100 PSI. Burst pressure is the pressure that it guaranteed not to burst. No guarantees that it will be useful for anything other than a paper weight at pressures greater than proof, but less than burst.

Teams have been using that pressure regulator for years in FRC because it contains the regulator and gauge in a single unit.

BUT, beware, more and more teams are now suing this little guy instead because it is less expensive, super small and easy to mount just about anywhere. In fact we actually ran out this year because of FRC demand - that’s something that rarely happens at AutomationDriect - we pride ourtselves in having EVERYTHING in stock. We have warned purchasing that this will happen about this time every year so they will be prepared next year …

And yes it is FRC legal.

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