Question about load in at champs?

It says that 5 team members are allowed for team load in. My question is do the team reps stay their till pits open or do they have to leave? If they stay can the set up the pit and or work on the robot before pits officially open on Wednesday?

As a student last year, we set up the pit and began working at this time. The robot had passed inspection by the time pits were officially opened. In fact, we brought more than 5 team reps so we could send a couple to some of the conferences that take place on Wednesday afternoon. As always you can get a confirmation of any questions by emailing

Load in is between 1:00-4:00 pm.

During that time, you may stay and setup your pit, uncrate your robot, get your robot cleared to unbag, prep your robot, get it weighed, and get it inspected.

Teams are limited to five members during that time to allow the venue staff to remove as many of the crates as possible to make a safer place for additional people to come into the pits. Teams may use this time wisely to start or complete inspections (please consider this option.) If you complete inspections and pit setup and feel like getting something to eat, then go work on that.

Seems like some team members forget to complete this task at champs. Its important to stay fed and hydrated.