Question about pneumatic cylinder connection

Is it OK to connect the pneumatic cylinder to our arm by tying it with a very strong rope (this rope is a metal wire inside and I think silicon wrapping).

The only problem with that, at lease that I can see, is the durability of the rope. It seems the constant vibration of the robot may cause them to slip.

I connected the rope and caught it very strong with hooks with screws on them.
It’s not a tie actually, it’s more like screwing the rope together.

just to be sure I would check the rule book to be absolutly sure that there is no rule against using rope, I am pretty sure that there is not but better safe than sorry. Other that that I would try to move them with you hand and make a determination on how much they actually move.

Better than rope, you might want to try some “plumbers tape”, or metal strapping. You can wrap it around the cylinder and a supporting member pretty easily, and screw it in. Last year, we used it for one of our cylinders (not on an arm) and it passed inspection just fine although there’s no guarantee this will be the same. We haven’t used string, but we have used stranded metal cable to secure things. This year it’s being used to move our elevator, and last year it was used as a secure and release mechanism for our ramp (it attached to the top of the ramp and ran down to the aforementioned cylinder, which would release the cable when we wanted to lower the ramp).

Rope is fine. As a general rule, unless something is a motor, electrical component, pneumatic component, highly dangerous, or extraneously expensive, the material can be used. However, you should always check the flowchart if you aren’t completely sure.

I mean that the end of the cylinder piston is connected by metal rope to the arm. Is it OK?

Nothing against using cable in that way.

OK, just to be sure, here are some photos of what I’m talking about:

No materials rules are broken, right? If so, then there is nothing saying you can’t use that connection.

OK, thank you very much!.. Sorry for the bothering.