Question about python

Hello, I could not manage to write the code mentioned in the picture could you please help?


  1. Can you be more specific in which part you’re having trouble with?
  2. Have you checked stackoverflow?

About part b, I could not figure out how to make it understand if the password contains the birth year. And no I have not checked it what should I do?

Is this a homework assignment?

It is a graded assignment yes.

I would ask your teacher if they can sit down and help you with specific points you aren’t getting. Asking for code over the internet will probably not go over well and could be considered academically dishonest at worst. The most I can offer for part b is that you Google about “substrings.”


Alright thank you.

This forum deals with robotics, specifically FIRST Robotics. While robots can be programmed with python, this question is not pertinent to that. Closing the thread.