Question about QuadEncoders [C++]

what does the Get function in Encoder class return? detailed explaination if you can, please :slight_smile:

from Encoder.cpp:

 * Gets the current count.
 * Returns the current count on the QuadEncoder.
 * @return Current count from the QuadEncoder.
INT32 Encoder::Get(void)
	INT32 value = m_encoder->readOutput_Value(&status);
	return value;

It returns the number of pulses received since the encoder was initialized or the count was reset.

Your other option is GetPeriod, which:
“Returns the period of the most recent Quad Encoder pulse in microseconds.”

well, but what happened if I change the direction, will the Get function give me the duplication of ticks or maybe the distance it passed?:confused:

Get Encoder does not get “ticks”. It reads the number of counts from it’s initialization/last reset. As the encoder turns in its forward direction it increases the encoder counts, as it turns in its reverse direction it decreases the encoder counts (even going negative).

I am not sure if GetPeriod will return a negative encoder period or not.

No, GetPeriod will not return a negative number. It simply returns time passed between the last two pulses.

And yes, Daniel is right about the values Get() returns.