Question about REV 1/2in rounded hex shafts

Hi, as the title says, I have a question about the REV 1/2in rounded hex shafts.

Thunderhex has been out of stock for a while, and we need to order some shafts for the coming season. As an international team, we haven’t got much room to wait. We are considering purchasing rounded hex shafts from REV, but we have some concerns about tolerances. For some background information, we bought about 10 MAXPlanetary Falcon Input Kits last season but couldn’t fit any of them in the 8mm Falcon bearings without sanding. Most ION Compliant wheels we purchased needed hammering or rasping before usage. In the end, we were very happy with the results these products provided, but it required some time :smiley: .

We are a low-resource team from Turkey and dependent on our hex shaft stock. I was wondering about other teams’ experiences with the rounded hex shafts. Any comment is appreciated.


We have messed around with it a bit on our elevator, and it all seems to spec. We are using round 13.75mm bearings (from thrifty bot) and everything seems to run as it should. We plan to use it for our 2023 robot.

Given some recent issues with many products (thunderhex included), I’d trust Rev more than Vex personally.

Now I’ll point out the center hole is smaller on the Rev rounded hex than it is on thunderhex (this is intentional). You can either move to a 10-32, or drill it out and still use 1/4-20.


Thank you for your reply and the additional info. Since we are in Turkey, every bolt we use is metric except for the motors. We also are proud members of the retaining ring gang, but will keep the hole diameters in mind for sure.


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