Question about robot lighting

Hello All,
I am from the Robolions, team 2199. One of our adult mentors came up with a realy good idea. I am going to be brief so I don’t give away a realy good stratagy. If you need me to elamborate more just tell me. Ok, here is my question: Is there any rule against puting an LED lamp or flashlight on the robot that can reflect off of a matalic surface so our camera can track it. Plese give me the rule against it… if there is one. If not tell me that there isn’t any rulle against it. Thank you.

Unless you are using the light to distract other teams’ drivers or vision systems, I don’t see a reason why you couldn’t. I think I understand what you are trying to do, and I’m not sure you will be able to pull it off with the camera. There might be better sensors for your application.

Check out the Vex ultrasonic sensor, IR beam beam breakers, and reflective light sensors.

Neat idea. Hope you can make it work. Just be careful of the following rules:

<R33> No devices or decorations are permitted on the ROBOT that are intended to jam or interfere with the operation of the vision system (i.e. changing ROBOT color to confuse opponent’s vision system).

<R46> Items specifically PROHIBITED from use include:

  • Lasers of any type.

Even though it may not be your intent, I can see your idea being interpreted as a violation of R33.

I suggest you post it to the Q/A

Good luck

I am guessing you are planning on using the diamond plate at the bottom of the goal. This could be a good idea but will warrant a closer inspection at the events you attend. If the beam is of a sufficently small size and a different color than the goal lighting, it might be allowed. One additional thing to consider in your design is that the front side of each player station is also made out of diamond plate up to the level of the OI shelf. This would have the potential of false lock on the player station instead of the goal.
If you choose to continue, your best bet is to ask the question on the Q&A for clarification. Inspectors will follow the answers provided.

And print the answer out so you can take it with you. Your particular inspector may not have seen that particular answer.

Better safe than sorry.

To Al Skierkiewicz:
You have the basic idea about where we will reflect the light. We were actually planning to reflect this light off of the diamond plating of the circular end of a “spider’s leg”. We were, naturally, going to make the light a different color so it wouldn’t interfere with the other robot’s camera (which would be illegal according to <R33>). We will most likely have the program change RGB value of what the camera is looking for after the robot finds it’s location from the green lights (and back when it is done finding the “leg”). When the robot is in close vicinity to the “spider leg”, the robot will turn the light on so the light will shine right onto the “leg” and very litte anywhere else.:cool:
To BillP:
Yes I know about rules <R33> and <R46>. I was excluding those two rules from my original post just to see if anyone else would spot them in the manual. That way you all would confirm that it wouldn’t be a problem. Thank you for being observant!:eek: