Question about robot reveals

Every season when the game is announced one thing i always look forward to is seeing other robot designs and their robot reveals, as a member of a relatively small team, we don’t do robot reveals but that doesn’t stop my curiosity to know how the soundtrack of the reveal is decided and how you know if certain music is off limits. So my question is: How do you decide what music can be used without any copyright issues?

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If you search “royalty free music” (or any number of similar terms), there are tons of websites (including youtube and soundcloud) that have royalty-free/copyright-free music you can use. It’s usually just a matter of reading the fine print

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If you upload a video with copyrighted music to YouTube, the video will likely get claimed. This means that all the ad revenue for the video will go to the copyright holder of the song. For FRC this doesn’t matter so you can use mostly any music without issue. Some song copyright holders block videos with their music (in certain countries or worldwide), so you can upload an unlisted black screen video with a song to check if you can use it. Sometimes copyright holders will change their policy, so if you do use a copyrighted song in your video there is a chance it could get blocked in the future.

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