Question about shipping requirements

About spare parts and tools that we want to bring to the competition, I remember seeing this somewhere in the rules but I can’t find it now:
Do we have to ship replacement parts and tools or do we simply bring those to our competition?


You may bring tools to the competition with you if you want to.

For spare parts, I believe you have to ship them with the robot. This is to make sure those spare parts are manufactured during the 6 weeks build period.

The only thing you are required to ship in the crate is your robot, and your control system, plus battery. Be careful not to go over the 400 lb weight limit, and make sure the crate is the specified size or smaller. Please also check the manual about the size of the team letters you must have on the sides of your shipping crate, plus the correct shipping address.

You do not need to ship your extra parts, as every team is on the ‘gracious professionalism’ honor code.