Question about Short Wave Radio

For stuff like walkies, is there a limit or ban on use of short wave radio transmittance. I know that wifi is completely blocked off, but is this?

I don’t know if it’s explicitly banned, but event staff and key volunteers (referees, FTAs, event coordinators, etc) communicate using walkie talkies. I’d stay away for team use.

See the Admin Manual:

Thank You Very Much

Just as a thought:

If you need to communicate with someone else at the event, and they aren’t close enough to just talk to them, you could always pull out your pocket computer* and have it talk to their pocket computer to tell them that you want to talk to them.

Or, to put it another way, call 'em on a cell phone.

*smart phone, cell phone, either way it’s got more power than some old computers.

At 10m to 187m, the antenna requirements for shortwave radio are really impractical for use inside a venue. (“Shortwave” really was short, back when the term was coined!)

Consider any kind of wireless device that is not a cell phone off-limits. Don’t even bother bringing them. Event management does not have time to investigate your equipment to verify it will not interfere with whatever they’re using. They’re going to tell you to shut it down, and they won’t be interested in your protests or arguments.

Sit together, assign people in shifts to relay messages, develop a hand signal system if you need it.

Don’t. Even. Think. About carrier pigeons.

Our team has been reliant on the text message as route for official transmission of information. Either one-to-one or when alerting the “group/team”.
This is because at the competition the noise level is too loud for voice communication (through cell phone or any other method). And a simple “rendez-vous at point X” will gather together those team members that you need speak with in person.