Question about team pins

Hi, we are a new team in New Hampshire, and would like to participate in the fun of team pins. How do people make these? are there local teams that have some sources they can share? Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

Hello, from a fellow New Hampshire rookie team! Looking forward to competing with you guys at GSR!

Most teams purchase a button maker to make their own buttons, traditional buttons have the team logo, number, or name, but are very representative of the team and their image so when other people see them, they know exactly who they came from. Any size from 2"-3" in the norm. I would recommend making anywhere from 300-500 buttons per regional/event.

Good luck, see you in Manchester! :slight_smile:

We bought a button maker like this 6 or 7 years ago and never looked back:

So far it’s held up extremely well, and it’s pretty much a one time investment. From there you just need to buy the supplies to make buttons, it’s cost anywhere between 30 cents and 10 cents per button depending on how many you make.

If you want to save some money over the Badgeaminit machine and buttons check this site out:

We have two of the 2.5 " button makers and button blanks are really cheap here…

They also fixed one of our button makers after it wore out…

I have used this stuff for about 9 years…

Just check them out before you buy from BAMinit

Thanks for the ideas!!!:smiley:

Hi (from a former NH rookie!),

I remember when we bought our button maker my mom did a TON of research. (Spreadsheets etc.)

Make sure you guys buy the right button maker for how many buttons you plan on making. We ended up buying a more expensive button maker but then the buttons were much cheaper. It ended up saving us heaps of money, so make sure you look at button prices as well as the price of the button maker.


Also, if you buy multiple packages of button supplies, make sure that it’s all for the correct button maker. We’ve accidentally gotten the wrong ones before and couldn’t really do anything with them

Also, check out what your school has to offer! My team doesn’t actually own a button maker, however my school’s ASB does. Every year they loan us the button maker for free and just charge us by the button (we even use their own supplies). This might be helpful if money is tight right now.