Question about Technical Fouls

Team 2342 had a debate earlier while going over the game manual, specifically the game rules.

Rule G16 will states:
TEAMS and/or ROBOTS may not employ strategies that use DISCS to either aid or inhibit a ROBOT CLIMB.
Violation: TECHNICAL FOUL. If the DISC(S) inhibits an opponent’s CLIMB attempt, the opponent ROBOT’S ALLIANCE is awarded points for a successful Level 3 CLIMB.

Some of our team thinks that this means that if you inhibit an opponent’s climb, then the opposing team will receive the technical foul points (20 pts.) AND in addition, 30 pts. the amount of a successful Level 3 climb.

The other members believe that if the climb is inhibited, the opposing team will receive 30 pts (a successful Level 3 climb) INSTEAD of the technical foul pts (20 pts.)

There is another example of this in G27.

Thank You!
Team 2342
Phoenix Robotics

My interpretation:
If you use DISCS to climb, thats a technical foul.
If you use DISCS to inhibit your opponents climb, thats a technical foul for you, and a 30pt climb for them.

Did you have a similar interpretation of G27?

*ROBOTS may not contact or otherwise interfere with their opponents’ PYRAMID. Inconsequential contact will not be penalized.

Violation: TECHNICAL FOUL. If an opponent’s CLIMB is affected,
A. RED CARD, and
B. Each affected opponent ROBOT will be awarded points for a successful Level 3 CLIMB.*

Thank you for your help!
Team 2342

My interpretation:

Aid a climb OR inhibit a climb - Technical Foul
Inhibit a climb - Technical Foul AND successful level 3 climb

Contact opposing pyramid - Technical Foul
Contact opposing pyramid AND inhibit opponent’s climb - Technical Foul AND Red Card AND successful level 3 climb

Thank you!