Question about the "25 seats"

On the “Gear Up” letter sent with the software this year, it said this about the 25 licenses:

…software may be installed on up to 25 individual computers located on the institution’s site, or on the institution’s server…

Does this mean I can install the software on just a few computers manually (like one at a time?) or is it a network license only. I guess what I am trying to ask, is if I use the serial number that came with ADA to install all the software on one computer, will I still be able to use that serial number again to activate the software on another computer in the lab?


You will be able to install Inventor 25 times. YOu use the same serial number to authorize each time, but it will have a different request code, and Autodesk will send you a different authorization code 25 times. You have to e-mail Autodesk to get the Authorization Code, though.