Question about the crate

Hello, would someone be as kind enough to give me the stats on the following for the crates? all help is appreciated :smiley:

stats needed about crates:
-length of the cover up top
-the tip on the cover of the box
-surface area of the box

if neone has these stats please post em
all help appreciated once again :smiley:

check the admin section of the rule book at

Are you refering to the playing field objects or the thing you put your robot in to ship it?

What is the hight, width, and length of the boxes we pick up during the compatition?

Everything is in the manuals:

Sterilite Corporation (, Townsend, MA, manufactures the plastic storage containers used in this game. The game containers are 73-quart capacity, model 1730, and their color is Glacier (blue). They are approximately 24-1/4” long x 17-1/4” wide x 15-3/4” high. The tops of the containers will be fastened securely to the container bodies with plastic pop-rivets. Retroreflective tape will be applied to the human-player handled containers only. Containers are readily available for purchase at stores such as Walmart, Target, and others. Sterilite will also sell to teams through their distributor but the minimum order amount is $ 250 USD. See The Robot Section of the manual for a list of suppliers that will sell to teams and specific ordering information.