Question about the generator switch point scoring

So when looking through scoring for the generator switch and endgame points I noticed you can get 5 points for parking on the switch at the end of the game and 25 points 5 seconds afterwards, the question is, do you get the 5 points and the 25 or just simply 25 points for hanging

Im assuming by generator switch you mean the rendezvous point, however I am not certain.

If you mean parking in endgame compared to hanging in endgame, it depends on where your robot finishes when times up, plus five seconds afterwards.

yes the rendezvous point, but do parking and hanging count or is it just one or the other

One or the other, since your robot is not physically parked on the platform when it’s hanging.

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thank you

A ROBOT is considered PARKED if, at the conclusion of the MATCH, it is fully supported (either directly or transitively) by the SHIELD GENERATOR and not in contact with any carpet outside its ALLIANCE’S RENDEZVOUS POINT, but without having met the criteria for HANGING.

If a robot is HANGING, it cannot be PARKED.



The final assessment of a LEVEL GENERATOR SWITCH and HANGING or PARKED ROBOTS is made
five (5) seconds after the ARENA timer displays zero (0)

You can’t be both at the same time :slight_smile:

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So then one robot can lift another and climb and it would be counted as both climbing. Is that correct?

Yes, that would be (edit: full) transitive support by the SHIELD GENERATOR.

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