Question about the IR sensor

From what I gathered from the manual and forum posts and stuff, we can connect the pins on the sensor board (I can’t remember which ones, it doesn’t really matter though) to Digital Inputs on the RC and just test in the code to see if those inputs have been triggered? Is this true or am I missing something?

ya, just put the approprate pins to digital in.out pins on the rc and it should work fine

Awesome, thanks a lot!

Right now i’ve started to program the IR sensor in easyC. A real easy way to get input to the robot from these things is interupts! easyC makes interupts EXTREMELY EASY! Dragging interupt blocks in, initializing them, and having 4 if statements to get it to send different values to the motors worked very well. I did start to run into what could be a killer later. The IR recciver is fairly directional. Multiple vishay reccivers, and an IR floodlight will probably be required to get a long distance, omnidirectional control system with IR.

interrupts? honestly, i think that’s a bit overkill for the ir sensor…just do an if statement in the regular autonomous code.