Question about the LabView

From looking for the first time this program looks really complex. I just want to run the code that I’m writing in EasyC Pro as a simulation in LabView. Could someone please explain me a short simple way how to do this?

Perhaps try re-posting in the LabView forum. They probably have more expretise there.


Unlike the simulation toolkits provided by MicroChip to simulate running your code compiled for the Robot Controller, the LabVIEW modeling toolkit doesn’t actually run your EasyC Pro code. The code you write is downloaded directly to the Robot Controller, just like you would if you were downloading code to your robot. What the LabVIEW toolkit does is take inputs from the Dashboard to “listen” to your robot controller. Once you “model” your robot with LabVIEW code, the LabVIEW program then knows how to interpret what it’s “listening” to, and you can make LabVIEW send appropriate sensor data to your Robot Controller via the USB-6009 (or not, if you don’t have a USB-6009 or your robot does not have any sensors onboard). You can use LabVIEW to then show you specific characteristics of your robot, like what direction it’s heading in, how it’s moving (forward, backward, in circles, etc…), what motors are running, what servos are moving, what buttons you have pressed, and any other information that can be seen from the Dashboard interface.

Can you give me an idea of the kinds of things you are doing in your EasyC code, and what you wish to model? I might be able to help you create a LabVIEW model of your robot to use with your RC.