Question about the new DriverStation for 2019


So I’m currently downloading the 2019 Update Suite (without downloading LabView Update since I’m using WPI’s version of VSCode) and I’ve been using the VSCode beta version. I didn’t even know that the full version came out since yesterday so I downloaded it. So I transferred my benchmark code to the full version and it successfully built it but I can’t deploy it since it doesn’t recognize the roboRIO. However, I am still using the old DriverStation from last year that worked with the beta version of VSCode. I was wondering if I have to image the roboRIO again in order for VSCode to deploy my code to the RIO and in order for the DriverStation to recognize it?

EDIT: Also I don’t have to another radio configuration since my team is still using the old radio?


If you’re using the 2019 WPI library with VS code, you will need to have the 2019 image on the roboRIO. You shouldn’t need to reconfigure your radio until competition, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do it once with the new radio configuration utility.


If I do reconfigure my radio, I have to do it with the new radio that came in the KOP?


No, the radio configuration utility has options for older radios.


Ah okay, thank you! :smiley:


No problem!


When you configure your radio, I’d recommend you check the box that says “Limit Bandwidth”, that way you don’t build up false expectations during build, only to get ruined at comp.