Question About Threaded/Hybrid View

In either Threaded or Hybrid view, you have the box at the top that has all of the links to the posts. It looks great, but I can’t use my scrollwheel in it :(.

I’m running Linux, 2.6.0-test11, MozillaFirebird 0.7, and I have my scrollwheel working in everything else correctly (including this website, just not that one box).

So, my question, what is the reason for this, is it being fixed by Jelsoft, or is there some sort of hack you can write to change this behavior?

Or, is this problem just for me, because I’m different and running Linux (as some people I know would quickly jump to that conclusion)?

It’s not just linux. Looks to be a non-IE bug. I have the same problem in Firebird. I’m guessing its nothing Jelsoft is doing, though. I’ll double check a little more in depth later, though.

Ok, thanks, cause it’s kind of really annoying to not be able to use the scrollwheel in that box.

I’d imagine that a company that produces websites would make them work 100% in more than just IE, but I guess they either don’t care for anyone else, or (I hope this one) they just forgot to add in something to make it work in non-IE stuff.