Question - Cable Sleeves

Hello, I was just wondering if it would be illegal or not to basically cover all of our wires in cable sleeves to make everything look nicer but have the ends of each cable still show the two colors of wire for each connection. We are looking to make our robot look fancy.


That aren’t any rules against it that I know of. I would recommend making sure you have a good labeling system. Having to fish wires our of split loom takes a long time when you aren’t sure what’s connected to what.

You want to make it easy to troubleshoot and repair…will the sleeve help that, or make it more difficult?

Yea, we always use a label maker to label the ends of each wire. But I was asking because the inspectors has given us a really hard time with wires once. They insisted that the wire color must be correct, like don’t you non standard color, and visible. They made us re-wire a good portion of our robot. It was not fun.

Well we order on bulk so every wire pair will be sleeved separately. So replacement of a pair will be easy. The sleeve is mainly for looks. And as long long as we don’t put a sleeve over a connector we should be fine with troubleshooting.

Wire Color Does matter there are rules in the manual talking about this.
I don’t think sleeves would be a problem. But maybe Al will comment with some advice and or wisdom on this subject.

I remember someone here once saying that it can be legal and GP, but still be a bad idea. I think this would likely fall into that category.

That being said, your robot, your team. If you want to put that kind of effort in, that’s your choice. Don’t say nobody warned you though.