Question: Championship Divisions

Yup, 1717, 1388 and us are all central coast (Santa Barbara through San Luis Obispo approximately). If district events were made, we’d have to stay overnight anywhere it’d make sense to have one. If they made one at the central coast, if it was near 1717 we’d have to stay overnight, and vice-verca. Not to mention all other teams attending would have to stay overnight.

The only Pro I see for the district event (to my specific team, not evaluating the program as a whole) is going into champs with WAAAAAAAAAY more matches than everyone else.

IF the district system did go nationwide, it would probably look very different than it does now. For example, what about smaller states like Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Montana? You can’t run a district system in a state with 3 teams, can you?

I would imagine larger states like CA, MI, TX, etc would become their own district systems and then large groups of smaller states like the ones listed above will become their own.

The western region would probably look something like:

  • CA
  • Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, ID, MT, AK)
  • Southwest (NV, AZ, NM, CO, UT)

Each group would have their own district systems until the need for district realignment came up.

No full practice day at venues.
Events with an “off-season” feel (though team spirit of a regional).
A complete restructuring of the infrastructure.
More volunteers needed.
Not a viable option in most states/regions.

I’m glad that before even the regionals end…1114, 217 and 148 are in the same division they were last year…It’s always a comforting thought. :yikes:

Last time I checked there were more than 3 teams in several of the states listed. Does the rest of FRC not see what we do up here? Sometimes I wonder…

Obviously Oregon has more than 3 teams. I think you guys have one of the biggest growth rates in FIRST since the 2006 season. I wasn’t trying to say that Oregon only had 3 teams. However, the 28 teams in Oregon are not enough to do a district structure. I suppose you could do a very small state championship, but most likely I could see places like Oregon (28 teams), Washington (49 teams), Montana (4 teams), Idaho (9 teams), Alaska (3 teams) and the Dakotas (5 teams) being lumped together into one district system.

IF districting went nationwide, FIRST isn’t going to leave the smaller states like MT, ID, AK, ND and SD out in the cold. This means that at least in the beginning they will be lumped with other states.

However, I think this thread should be returned to it’s original topic.

Thank you!

Usually, are the TBA algorithms correct? And which algorithm is used ecah year? Normal or serpentine?

I think they alternate. Some years Serpentine is used and some years the normal one is used. As to what one will be used, your guess is as good mine.

If I remember correctly, the last few years have been A,B,C,D,A,B…

However TBA has it set up, it’s still pretty far from being settled. There are still 12 teams from the MSC that have yet to receive invites, as well as 12 teams from the two MN regionals this weekend. I imagine there are also several teams that will get their payment in at the last minute and be added to the list.

I still wouldn’t mind seeing an AAAA, BBBB, CCCC, DDDD … arrangement.

It was ABCD in 2008, but not in 2007. 2007 used a different formula.

Too bad there are more regionals. :mad:
Having 25, 368, 987, and 1983 in the same division would be AWESOME!!!

I like the normal algorithem. It puts us in Curie for a shot at completing the set…

They have never used serpentine for all of the teams. However some say that odd pattern in 2007 was inspired by serpentine pattern.

I am now wondering how many teams will be at CMP this year. There are currently 320 teams registered and 30 more can qualify tomorrow. Hopefully the field will run smoothly for all these matches

I thought what happened was that they had posted out the list, but as more teams joined, they just threw them on to the back of the divisions.

Nope. To the best of my knowledge it’s never happened that way before.

i’m gonna put it out there that that alliance will not happen this year at champs, none of those 3 are falling to a 3rd bot

Oh yeah…I’d be willing to bet that too. But you never know :wink:

They do that for a very limited number of teams (like 348 and 1771 last year) that join after the list is out. The list in 2007was very different (out of order) when it was first posted.

When’s the latest time for the teams who just qualified to register? Do they have to do it at the event, or is there a certain window?

If they have to do it at the event, does that mean the list on TBA is pretty accurate? Assuming FIRST uses that algorithm of course.