Question/Clarification on regional capacities

Hey I’m from team#675, and Im curious as to if SVR is seriously full at 38 or are they just stopping until 2nd even registration opens? Because I remember they have had 42 plus a couple years. so if anyone can enlighten me much appriciated

FIRST reserves spots in regionals for rookies up until registration closes on December 1st. If at that time there are unfilled spots FIRST releases them to teams on the waiting list for that event.

I would expect a total of 45-48 teams will be at SVR when all is said and done.

Alright thanks very much guys. My mentor and I weren’t exactly sure.

Total capacity for SVR in the registration system, at this time is as follows:

“Open registration” slots: 38 (0 available)
Rookie Reserved Slots: 10 (10 available)

Current # on waitlist: 1

Yea, My mentor and I finally figured it out. We are really hoping to get on we will be on the waiting list tomorrow. 675 has been to SVR since 2001 kind of a need to for us. But thanks guys