[Question] Constant IP Address

Hi everyone.

In my code, i setup a small server on my DriverStation Laptop and connect to it with the cRIO as a client.

The problem is, the IP used to connect to the Laptop’s server is CONSTANT (10.xx.yy.15).

So a question arises…, can i be confident that i would be able to use and connect to this IP at the competition? (can i rely on this setup during the competition?)

Thanks in advance for replies.

See this team update for details on what ports you can use in competition. I’m not sure about the IP.

The driver station software can automatically default your IP to 10.x.x.5 unless you disable that. This is briefly mentioned in Getting Started With The 2012 FRC Control System. I have not seen a rule specifying IP address required beyond corresponding with team number and nonconflicting.

There should be no problem connecting to the robot from other IP addresses such as 15. Development computers that also run the DS do this all the time. I’m a little less certain about the official field FMS. Is there a reason you aren’t using 10.te.am.05? That is reserved for the DS and is probably what the field routers add to the VLAN. I’d move it to .5 to be safe.

Greg McKaskle

Actually, ‘Getting Started with the 2012 Control System’ States:

When connecting a computer to the DAP-1522 via Wi-Fi, ensure the computer’s network settings match the following:
 IP address = 10.xx.yy.zz
o xxyy is the team number (do not enter leading zeros).
o zz is any number greater than 10 and less than 255.

So that’s why i use .15

That’s referring to non-Driver Station computers (although it is not overly clear). You should use .5 and you will be fine for competition, .15 is questionable.

Alright, thanks for the clear up.

That Wi-Fi reference is also referring to use at home, not on the playing field.
On the playing field FMS forms a VPN unique to each team to keep all other communications out. I doubt any but the official IP addresses will be explicitly included, but I don’t know for sure. You can ask in Q&A.

even though the manual says “zz is any number greater than 10 and less than 255.” I don’t agree.

The manual should be revised to something like greater than 11 or 15 or 20 or something. Because - the camera is at .11