Question: Double Ticket to Worlds teams?

How many teams have gotten both Chairman’s and First Place in the competition at any First Event? I know of one team that has done it this year, but was just curious of how many have done it, and when they accomplished such a recognizable feat.

1023 did it at the FiM Southfield district in week 1.

So far, 135, 245, 1710, 2137, 2283, 2974, and 3562 have both earned the chairman’s award and won the competition at a single event. 234 earned the chairman’s award at one event and won a different event. 5687 has earned rookie all star and rookie inspiration, and won the competition at both events they have been to.

The Double Ticket happens a lot although it seems more frequent in some Districts compared to Regionals. Most common being Winner/CA but there have been several Winner/EI & Winner/RAS over the years which also double qualifies a team for the World Championship.

I believe 1114 holds the record for pulling it off the most by both winning the event and receiving the Chairmans award at: 2006 Waterloo, 2007 Waterloo (Engineering Inspiration), 2008 Waterloo, 2009 Greater Toronto Regional, 2010 Waterloo, 2011 Greater Toronto East, and the 2012 Greater Toronto East regionals.

7 straight years is a huge feat.

I know that Simbotics 1114 has done it several times as well as Walton Robotics 2974

Keep in mind though that winning these at the district level is not an automatic ticket to Worlds

1710 came away big this weekend in Kansas City. They already had pre-qualified by winning Engineering Inspiration in their division at World last year. In addition, they were on the winning alliance and won Chairman’s.

So here is the list I see here of everything ive seen so far any additions?

1114 Simbotics x5

1023 Bedford Express x3

16 Bomb Squad x1

135 Penn Robotics x1

245 AdambBots x1

1710 x1

2137 Torc x1

2283 Panteras x1

3562 Live Wire (no website) x1 tho

2974 Walton Robotics x1

126 did it twice at the 2007 and 2013 Boston Regionals with RCA/Win.

624 Alamo 2014
1902 South Florida 2013
233 Orlando Regional 2012
233 Florida Regional 2008 (EI and Winner)

2468 @ Hub City 2014

1986 Winner & CA for CIR 2014

1208 won Chairman’s and regional in 2013 at the St. Louis Regional

Well, 67 won their division, then Einstein, then CCA in 2005. Probably lots of these examples.

For MAR:

1218 double bannered at HH 2012
2590 double bannered at Lenape 2012

558 won and recieved the Chairman’s Award at the Southington District Event last year(2014).

Every prequalified team (CCA, last year’s winner ect.) that wins an event double qualifies, in the sense that they create a wildcard. 1114 did this at GTRC.

1310 won the event and EI at GTRW 2014.

2056 won the event and Chairman’s at Waterloo 2012, and the event and RAS at Waterloo 2007.

3313 did it last year at 10k Lakes.

2486 did this last year at the Arizona Regional.

Don’t forget about my buddies at 1983, Doing it as part of a 4 banner year in 2013.

Happened twice in Israel Regional:

2009 - General Angels #2230 got 1st place + Chairman’s Award
2015 - MisCar #1574 got 1st place + Engineering Inspiration Award