Question for LRIs: when should teams ask for you?


The following came up in a discussion about teams using multiple configurations per I4f (no inspection needed for “additions, removals, or reconfiguration of ROBOT with a subset of MECHANISMS already inspected per I2.”)

Obviously, teams would request the LRI when the RI does not pass them and they believe that the RI is misinterpreting the rules. Under what other conditions should a team request confirmation from the LRI at initial or re-inspection?


Note: I am not an LRI, but have been an RI for 3 years.

RI’s are told that if uncertain, either consult the manual or our LRI (albeit, we do have to pass a test on contents of the manual so . . .), so that is a possible time when the LRI will be brought in as well.


Keep in mind that we track every inspection item with initialed and signed check lists which (at least at the events I have participated at and worked at) are kept at a central location and readily accessible for double checking if the LRI is wondering if something was checked (/by who).

Like @Jon_Stratis mentioned, LRI’s tend to be very busy, and rely heavily on their RI’s knowing what they’re doing.