Question for Teams Sponsored by GM

This question is more directed to coaches and mentors:

Are there any teams out there that have received the GM Volunteer Plus contribution from GM?

My wife and I both work for GM and helped as mentors for Team 1800. Since we both contributed more than 50 hrs, we figured the team would qualify for the donation from GM. However, it was turned down because the team was deemed an “educational institution.” The GM Volunteer Plus program will not contribute to an educational institution, so the team was inelligible for the donation.

I was curious if any other employees from GM were able to clear this hurdle with a FIRST team.

Thanks in advance for the replies,


I’m not sure, but 1/2 of our mentors are from GM, Our main Sponsor is GM, and We get to use a GM Manufacturing Building during Build.

On the our team there are several of us that work for GM. Last year those of us from GM filled out the forms. If I recall they were sent to FIRST and NOT the school. GM then paid FIRST and FIRST then mailed out the checks to our school for the robotics team. On the form we specifically put our Team Name and school affiliation so FIRST could then get us the funds.