Question for very skilled programmers

so i recently saw the FTC and i saw that they are using NXT for there batteries, i thought that would be a good idea, the problem is that i dont know if its compatible with FRC can anyone provide a alternitive or tell me if its compatible

Well, I’m not that skilled a programmer, but I’m pretty sure you can only use the type of battery given in the kit of parts.

I’m not sure that I understand the question.

In FTC, an NXT brick is the primary controller and it includes a set of internal batteries. I understand that a breakout adapter is available for driving additional motors. Does that breakout adapter use a separate battery? I’m guessing that it does but I’m not 100% positive.

In FRC, an NXT controller brick should be legal since it’s COTS and < $400. However, it can’t be used to directly drive any motors and there isn’t a really easy way to connect it to the primary FRC controller (the National Instruments cRIO system). One thing’s for certain - any batteries from FTC can NOT be used in FRC since the only battery that is allowed on the robot is the MK battery from the kit-of-parts.

Does this help answer your question?


I must also say that I don’t understand your question. First and foremost - the text of your post seems to be about batteries, but the title of the thread indicates that it is about programming (???).

Second, the rules make it very clear (as Russ pointed out) that the only battery you can use is the one provided in the kit, and also places further limits on the possible sources of energy (R01). I’m too lazy to copy in the whole rule, but basically you can only get energy from: A. the battery B. pneumatics C. COG shifts and D. deformation (careful of S01).

Maybe some more clarification is needed in your question?