Question: how can I put an image on a post?

how can I put an image on a post?


Find an image online. Copy the url of the image and place the url between %between%
Like this:

Just make sure hotlinking is ok with the site (not all sites approve of it. It’s said to drain bandwidth).

The picture has to be uploaded to the internet first, and have a web address. Then, you just put the address in the img tags, or (img)address goes here (/img) replacing the parenthesis with brackets. For example, if you wanted to use the FIRST logo, you would have to find the address for the image, and post it when you press the img button (the one with the mountain). It would look something like

Or find the CD Media link near the top of the page, and upload a file.

Or find the “manage attachments” button and use it.

how can I upload a photo from my computer? Or is it impossible?

it worked! thank you :slight_smile:

it is saying that the file was 174kb so it cant be upload… is there a way to save a picture with low quantity?

Get a free Photobucket account and upload the picture there.

EEw, photobucket. I use Dropbox. It’s ad free, and 2 gigs of storage. Put your picture in “public” and then hit “copy public link”. Paste the link in between two (

Most photo editing software will let you resize it, if you don’t have any you could try irfanview, it’s free